Horrifying house prices (and other scare stories) - here's what got us talking this week

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Even the undead are at it...

It was a week in which we discovered that two teenagers were suspects in the TalkTalk hack (but that "significantly" fewer people were affected.

We learned that all MPs earn a lot more than their constituents. And we discovered that the UK's population is growing much quicker than previously thought.

Here's what got us talking this week

1) Horrifying house prices (and other scare stories)

Hubble Bubble toil and trouble. At least for London's property market, which is scarily close to a crash. But it's more of a nightmare for those would-be sellers who live in Elm Street.

If you like things that go bump in the night, this map of the most haunted Tube stations in London might be the ticket.

But what will really get you screaming "AAArgh" this Halloween is the fear that the UK could lose its AAA-rating in the event of a Brexit.

Is the thought of sleepless nights putting off potential buyers? (Source: Getty)

2) There's another strike on the way

Bad news, East Londoners. DLR workers are going on strike next week. Here is the travel advice being put out by TfL.

3) Time to take the 39 steps

That is, if you want to become a modern gentlemen.

4) We got our poppy on

London was overrun with men (and women) in uniform to raise £1m on Poppy Day. Here's a few of the things that took place all over the capital.

5) It's a man's world

And that's why it pays to have a male brain.

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Today New Zealand will look to become the first team in history to win successive Rugby World Cups when they take on Australia in the final at Twickenham. Here's what the All Blacks approach to leadership, identity and teamwork can teach businesses.

Charts of the week

These are the tenant tribes of London's prime property

Great reads from elsewhere

In Silicon Valley, a place where the college-dropout startup founder—think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg—is lionized, it is hard to stand out on account of precociousness or youth. So what makes 18 year-old Tiffany Zhong different?

And, after the rumours that swirled around after the publication of Call Me Dave, this article considers the art of the smear campaign.

The last word

Give up red meat? You must be joking. Here's why we should take WHO's warning with a pinch of salt

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