Nightmare on Elm Street? It is if you're trying to sell a property there...

Catherine Neilan
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Is the thought of sleepless nights putting off potential buyers? (Source: Getty)

Freddy Krueger struck fear into many an '80s child's heart over the course of a whopping nine films, but it seems the Nightmare on Elm Street lingers on.

That is, at least, if you're one of those unfortunate people trying to sell their home on a street carrying the now-infamous address, because according to one estate agent's estimate, it can knock thousands off the price.

On average, living on Elm Street takes 38.8 per cent off the value of your home, based on a study of 20 Elm Streets in the UK. At its most horrifying, a house on Elm Street in Newcastle costs £121,428 less than the local average - a difference of 56.9 per cent - claims.

Elm Street in Stockport shows the smallest differential, but even here an Elm Street home is estimated to be worth £37,410 under the average for the area.

Of course, the study doesn't take into account any specifics to the Elm Streets it looked at - it may well be that they are simply smaller or not as nice as the wider area.

Elm Street in... Average property price in postcode area Average property price on Elm Street Difference
Seaton Burn, Newcastle upon Tyne £213,428 £92,000 56.9%
Eccles, Manchester £150,201 £65,000 56.7%
Blackburn £122,172 £56,000 54.2%
Cheltenham £236,578 £125,578 53.1%
Hollywell Green, Halifax £200,988 £95,000 52.7%
Buckingham £360,764 £169,764 47.1%
Langley Park, Durham £132,031 £61,031 46.2%
Huddersfield £132,031 £63,005 43.8%
Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent £103,124 £44,124 42.8%
Whitworth, Rochdale £132,039 £56,039 42.4%
Borrowash, Derby £233,366 £137,000 41.3%

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