The parts of London that risk flooding by 2050 without improvements to the drainage system

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London boroughs have already been allocated £12m by the government to tackle flooding risks (Source: Getty)

Vast swathes of London risk flooding by 2050 without radical improvements to the city's 150-year old drainage system.

Over the last 40 years, London has lost around 40 per cent of its permeable ground. This has effectively "waterproofed" the city by pushing more water into the drainage system everytime it rains.

Potential flooding hotspots include the London boroughs of Hackney and Hammersmith and Fulham, as well as parts of Ealing and parts of Kensington & Chelsea.

They’ve been marked out by the first London sustainable action drainage plan, published today by mayor Boris Johnson in partnership with Thames Water, the Environment Agency and London Councils.

The plan also identifies ways of diverting rain back from the sewers into the soil with rain gardens or green roofs.

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London boroughs have already been allocated £12m over six years from the government to tackle flooding risks, but these projects alone won’t be enough to eliminate the threat.

"Flooding is a very real threat for significant numbers of people in London and London needs a robust and sustainable response to address this now to avoid an even bigger problem in the future," Councillor Julian Bell, chair of London councils' transport and environment committee, said.

"The plan contains some key measures which, if implemented in a timely way and correctly, will be of real benefit."

"The net increase in London’s green infrastructure will not only make London a better place to live but will also reduce the amount of rainwater entering the sewer system and hence reduce the risk of flooding."

(Source: Greater London Authority)

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