Former science minister David "Two Brains" Willetts moves to Surrey Satellite Technology

Edith Hancock
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"Soon. Soon..." former science and universities minister finds favour with a military tech giant (Source: Getty)

Former UK minister for science and universities David Willetts has moved back to academia after standing down from his position in government last year. Now, satellite maker Surrey Satellite Technologies has announced that the former conservative minister will join the company later this year as a non-executive director.

Willetts, who while in politics earned the nickname "two brains" for his devilishly dangerous intellect, left parliament altogether last year, telling reporters at the Telegraph that he was viewed by his fellow MPs as “a dangerous intellectual”.

Now wiley Willetts has joined the board of directors at SSTL; a company that primarily builds and operates satellites.

SSTL began life as a spin-off company founded by the University of Surrey, but is now owned by Airbus Defence and Space Group; an aeronautical and weapons company that regularly turns over billions of pounds in annual revenue.

Willetts has been criticised by MPs in the past for focusing heavily on ideas and being out of touch with reality. Is the former cabinet minister about to turn into the latest Bond villain and use his position within the military tech giant to take revenge on all who doubted him...?