What do Londoners want most from their jobs? The option to work from home comes in first place

Sarah Spickernell
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Being able to work from home is essential for one in three Londoners
Being able to work from home is essential for one in three Londoners (Source: Getty)

It isn't a good pension plan or having free access to a gym that appeals to Londoners the most – what they really want from their job is the flexibility to work from home.

By asking a sample of people in the capital what they considered to be the most important perks that come with a job, Samsung Business found 34 per cent – more than one in three – would not even consider a position unless it allowed them time to work from home.

In fact, flexible working was ranked higher than any other job benefit. Having a good pension plan came in second place, with 28 per cent of respondents listing this as necessary before accepting an offer.

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Meanwhile, 13 per cent said having health insurance was essential, and six per cent said a free gym membership was a must.

And it seems Londoners are having their wishes met – the research also revealed just 48 per cent are currently required to spend the full five-day working week in the office, while one in 10 only has to be in the office for part of the day.

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