Which Bond does it better? Daniel Craig's 007 wagers and winnings compared to Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton and even George Lazenby's gambling wins

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Bond's a gambling man, but how much has each won?
Bond's a gambling man, but how much has each won?

Daniel Craig won't need to spend an evening in the casino in his latest outing as Bond in new film Spectre.

He's already pocketed more winnings from gambling than any other Bond - in fact, so lucrative was his win in Casino Royale (the name does give it away), the rest of the Bonds collected just a fraction of Craig's prize money... combined.

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Here's how each Bond stacks up (his chips).

Bond's favourite game is Chemin de Fer, it turns out, with all but Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig making a wager on the card game, although the biggest win at poker by Craig in Casino Royale suggest 007 should change his game of choice.

The secret agent has also taken a punt on fencing matches (his own, no less, in Die Another Day), and on one of his enemies' horses (A View to a Kill).

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The figures take into account currency conversions adjusted for inflation and were calculated by Everyman Cinema, which is exhibiting never-before-seen images from the film series with Getty Images at Canary Wharf.

“To quote Ian Fleming himself, ‘Bond has always been a gambler’, but even we were surprised with just how much he has amassed over the 23 films. Craig may win big overall, but our research shows Connery and Moore were most partial to the casino tables," said Everyman Cinema's Hoss Ghonouie.

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