Attention, City workers: Your passion for Caprice Classic Wafers makes you the UK's fanciest biscuit eaters - while Wales prefers a Rich Tea

Emma Haslett and Chris Parmenter

Those who work hard, play hard, it seems. Or at least, they eat fancier biscuits than anyone else - after it emerged workers in Canary Wharf enjoy a Caprice Classic Wafer with their cup of tea. Ooo-errr.

A hard-hitting report by Waitrose found that while City workers are altogether continental when it comes to their biscuit tastes, others are more traditional. Those in Yorkshire like a Custard Cream, while Scots prefer shortbread (natch).

Trendy Londoners, meanwhile, have a new-found passion for breakfast biscuits - fairly new-fangled, given they only hit the market a couple of years ago.

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