How to reduce your household bills? Move to south west London where they're cheapest and avoid Kensington and Chelsea where they cost the most

Lynsey Barber
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Average household bills in London mapped
Average household bills in London mapped (Source: City A.M.)

The Thames isn’t the only divide between north and south in London.

Those living north are paying up to 39 per cent more for their household bills compared to those south of the river - nearly £2,000 in cash terms.

Residents of Kensington and Chelsea are paying more than any other Londoner, while those in Merton are paying the least.

The cost of bills such as energy, home and car insurance comes in at £3,228, on average per year, in the plush west London borough, but cross the river to suburban Merton, and that falls to £1,957, according to research by

High property values, and higher energy consumption per household as well as large incomes in Kensington and Chelsea have pushed up premiums beyond other boroughs. However, the less well-off borough of Newham was the second most expensive, as car premiums were pushed up by high rates of motor crime.

Here’s how much you’re average household bill costs in each London borough. If you’re looking for the cheapest, perhaps it's time for a move? South west is best, where Wandsworth, Kingston, Sutton and Richmond join Merton as the places with the lowest bills.

Tap the map on mobile to see the cost for each borough and pinch to zoom, or hover over on desktop.