Speaker of the House John Bercow tells business secretary Sajid Javid his statement was "discourteous and incompetent"

James Nickerson
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Javid has been business secretary since May (Source: Getty)

He may have at one time been a Conservative, but John Bercow's role as Speaker of the House clearly means he's not going to be giving any of his former party's ministers an easy time, after he gave business secretary Sajid Javid a telling off in the Commons today.

After a speech in which Javid was responding to a question from a Labour MP on the steel industry, following the announcement by Tata Steel that they were going to be cutting 1,200 jobs at its plants in Scunthorpe and Lanarkshire, Bercow schooled Javid in the art of parliamentary etiquette.

Javid was accused of being "discourteous and incompetent" as his speech went on too long, even though Bercow said "on a one-to-one basis I always think he's a very civil fellow".

This isn't the first time Bercow's asserted his authority in the House, after earlier this year demanding that chancellor George Osborne "sit down".

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