Mexico close to legalising marijuana as supreme court discusses allowing it for recreational use

Clara Guibourg
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Cannabis is legal for recreational use in several countries around the world (Source: Getty)

High hopes for the legalisation movement: Mexico could be close to legalising marijuana, as the country’s supreme court gears up to discuss the issue later this month.

The supreme court will be discussing a proposal that would legalise consumption and production of marijuana for recreational use.

Mexico has already approved medical use of the drug, as a lower court in the country granted a couple the right to import marijuana-based medicine to treat their daughter’s epilepsy in August.

Since recreational use of the drug has been made legal in several US states, political pressure has been mounting on Mexico to follow suit.

On 28 October, the supreme court judges will be voting on whether a federal health law which currently prohibits recreational marijuana should be declared unconstitutional.

Cannabis is now legal in several countries around the world. The Netherlands, Spain, four US states and several south American countries have legalised it for recreational use. For medicinal use, it's legal in 25 US states.

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