Will Boris Johnson tackle George Osborne next?

Lauren Fedor
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Could Boris beat George Osborne in a head-to-head battle?
Voters would prefer Johnson to Osborne as the next PM. (Source: Getty)

It looks like London mayor Boris Johnson is the voters' favourite to replace David Cameron as leader of the Conservative party.

According to a new ComRes poll out this weekend, when asked whether Johnson or chancellor George Osborne would make a better prime minister, 39 per cent of respondents backed Johnson, compared to 33 per cent for Osborne.

But the poll, first published in the Independent on Sunday, did not necessarily indicate that Johnson is the most-likely successor to Cameron. Much of his support came from Labour voters – 44 per cent of Labour backers said they preferred Johnson to Osborne, compared to 27 per cent who said they liked the chancellor more.

Meanwhile, Osborne out-polled Johnson among Conservative voters – some of whom, as party members, will have the final say – 48 per cent to 34 per cent.

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