John Lewis reveals how we shop, live and look in 2015: Spiralising and the Nutribullet took over while we ditched thongs, bookcases and formal dining

Less of this sort of thing took place in 2015 (Source: Getty)

When looking back at 2015, how will the year be remembered? Plenty of scandals, both corporate and political, have kept us busy in the news department, but what about when we hit the shops?

Middle England's favourite department store John Lewis has released its annual state of the nation report, revealing the five items that defined 2015 and the eight that we ditched.

Sexy pants out, spiralising in...

1) The Nutribullet

Juicing was already big news before 2015, but this was the year it exploded across the nation, with John Lewis selling one Nutribullet every four minutes. They topped the wish lists of many customers, the department store said, “suggesting a growing desire among the nation for a healthy, balanced diet”.

2) The record player

But it wasn't all modcons. The UK took a decidedly retro turn with turntables leading the rivival of '70s-inspired homeware and featuring in many of our posts on Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

3) The spiraliser

City A.M. was one of many to spot this trend at the start of the year, and John Lewis has confirmed that, with sales of thousands of every week as the nation's health kick saw us ditch pasta for “courgetti”. There is no word on how many of them have actually been used, however...

This is how popular the spiraliser was this year.

4) The skinny blue suit

This could be a sign that they were being used however, as the UK's menfolk went mad for the skinny blue suit – John Lewis has reported a 75 per cent increase in sales this year as everyone from grooms to City boys got stuck in.

5) The garden room

Call it a man cave, call it a good old fashioned shed, but whatever you call it, this was the year we upgraded our outdoor space. Crane buildings were John Lewis' best-selling item, up 130 per cent year-on-year.

And here's what we lost interest in...

1) Corded phones

We might have enjoyed a touch of retro, but mobiles continued to drive a nail in the coffin of corded phones.

2) Bread makers

We weren't making up for lost carbs from our spiralising regime as breadmakers went out of fashion this year – though that could be a Bake Off-inspired movement to make our own loaves from scratch.

3) Formal tableware

Whatever we were eating, it was increasingly not with the best silver, and our crystal stemware was also in decline (though decanters are still on-trend for so-called “young fogeys”)

4) Loom bands

Remember them? Good riddance...

5) Linen

Finally we realised that we are not Roger Moore and that, on most normal people, linen becomes a creasing, crumpling nightmare. We ditched the fabric for denim instead.

6) Fishnet stockings

They peaked in December last year but even the Fifty Shades of Grey film launch around Valentine's Day couldn't arouse our interest in 2015.

7) Thongs

Likewise, the nation's women embraced their inner Bridget Jones in deciding that Big Pants were infinitely more comfortable than thongs.

8) Bookcases

E-readers are eating into the amount paperbacks we read, and lowering our need for bookcases as a result.

"This year we saw a more confident consumer emerge; one who expects to research products, compare prices, order, and collect their goods when it suits them, " said John Lewis managing director Andy Street. "The consumer of 2015 uses channels interchangeably depending on what they want to buy and when they want it. We’ve coined the phrase the “Master Shopper” to describe the multi-faceted shopping habits of today’s modern consumers."

The dominant theme was looking good - fashion sales were up seven per cent - and feeling good, with the emergence of even more health and fitness products.

“This movement is not about adhering to an ideal body image (as the backlash against April’s controversial “Beach Body Ready” protein shake ad proves), but more about people feeling happy, well and confident in their own skin,” said John Lewis.

But that's not to say we were abstemious all year round. The department store noted it was a good year for scented candles, champagne, chocolates and gin. No doubt as we head into Christmas, they will become even bigger parts of our lives...

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