Canary Wharf tube driver get sassy with workers following "carnage" on the platforms

Edith Hancock
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Jubilee Line driver is mad as hell at Canary Wharfers (Source: Getty)
Canary Wharf’s tube workers appear to have the most sass of all TfL’s staff.
For all the suits, brylcreem and male pattern baldness that make up Canary Wharf's backdrop, you’d be forgiven for thinking that those in finance are mature, responsible adults.
However, one tube driver on the Jubilee line was extremely disappointed with his charges after workers blocked up the doors in their impatience to get to work, leaving many incapable of getting on or off the train.
The anonymous driver gave a shade-laden speech to suits who crowded the train’s doors on the platform, telling them that he “expected better” from Canary Wharf’s financiers. It’s ok, he’s not angry, just disappointed.
Much of the ruckus was caused by cyclists trying their luck, bringing bikes onto the trains despite non-folding cycles being banned in peak hours.
Fortunately, things weren't too bad. One attendant said that today's carnage wasn't the worst, and even "better than yesterday's". Blimey.

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