Quick! Free black cab journeys from Victoria Station, Charing Cross Station and Waterloo Station today - but only for one hour

Emma Haslett
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Hurrah! Free black cabs for all! (Balloons not included) (Source: Getty)

Black cabbies are on a PR drive, with free black cab rides from Victoria Station, Charing Cross Station and Waterloo Station. There's only one catch: it's between 11am and midday today. Meanwhile, taxi app Gett will offer free journeys in Zone One.

The free rides - which were announced at 11am - are part of the #StayFareMayor campaign, which brings together the likes of the London Taxi Company, the London Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA), and several unions, to defend the capital's black cabs against the likes of Uber.

Steve McNamara, head of the LTDA, said the campaign was "calling for a fair future that delivers better service to London through simple things like taking cards in every cab and everyone sticking to the rules".

"So we are giving our customers free rides, not asking for a free for all that would cause more traffic chaos across London. We need sensible solutions to unlock the streets and get London moving.”

Cheers for that, chaps. Next time, maybe a bit more notice would help...

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