From the Big Bang to the Arab Spring, here are billions of years of history in one single, stunning visualisation

Lynsey Barber
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Prepare to lose hours of your day.

As if a quick fact check on Wikipedia didn't already distract you enough, a new visualisation of billions of years of history distills every major event in time into one beautiful interactive timeline.

Charting thousands of world-changing moments, from the big bang to the uprising in the middle east, and everything in between, the project maps the 13 major ages through history, from the formation of the earth to the modern industrial and information ages. You can also explore each age according to specific areas such as wars, politics or even assassinations.

The project, created by design student Matan Stauber, draws on Wikipedia entries giving the world's most comprehensive encyclopaedia a much-needed makeover.

Here's a hint of what to expect before you fall down the rabbit hole.

Explore 14bn years of history with just a simple click here at