SABMiller and AB InBev merger: Don't be surprised if your favourite "craft beer" brand is now owned by the world's largest brewer

You know that delicious craft ale you enjoy? There's a chance it's now owned by the world's largest brewer, after SABMiller and AB InBev agreed the terms on a deal to create an $11bn megabrewer, with SABMiller submitting to an offer of £44 per share.

Between them, the two companies 224 beer brands, including some of the world's most recognisable names, such as Foster's, Grolsch and Peroni.

But they also own some surprising smaller brands, including Greenwich-based ale afficianado favourite Meantime, which SABMiller bought back in May, and Blue Moon, which is often mistaken for a craft beer.

Here are some of the "craft" brands owned by the new giant brewer.

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