Thought London rental prices were bad? A New Yorker advertised a bar toilet stall to rent and got loads of responses

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The average New York City rent topped $4,000 a month in July (Source: Getty)

Like London, we know that only the very flush can afford rental prices in Manhattan - but this is ridiculous.

A New Yorker became so depressed at the property market in her city, she decided to advertise a toilet stall at the bar she worked in on a property site as a joke - but got more responses than she bargained for

The Craigslist ad, by bartender Alana Reali, billed the 15 sq ft room as a "Hip artist loft in trendy L.E.S." (Lower East Side).

"I have a cosy artist loft available 1/10 in the heart of the edgiest neighbourhood in Manhattan," she wrote.

"[It's] a stone's throw from organic grocery stores, the hottest brunch spots and hipster bars."

The room includes such attractions as "a window, a door, your very own bathroom and walls dressed with authentic NYC street art" - and although the shower is "located at the Comfort Inn next door", Reali added that she will "personally introduce you to the door man Juan Pablo. Juan only works two nights a week so plan accordingly".

The "hip artist loft" in question (Source: Craigslist)

Jezebel reported that although Reali put up the listing as a joke, she was surprised at the number of responses.

"I'm... an artsy Brooklyn native looking for a cool inexpensive place to stay," wrote one, while another added: "I'm 100 per cent sure there's no way this room is still available but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. I love brunch and way heart NYC and would love to take over the room".

Figures published in July showed New York City rents had reached a record high, at an average of $4,081 (£2,657) a month.

With average rental prices of £1,500 a month, London still has some way to go - although given some are already advertising a cupboard under the stairs at £500 a month, there's everything to play for...

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