What is the etiquette on bankers dating each other?

Edith Hancock
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Goldman Sachs bankers are apparently among the most picky when it comes to dates (Source: Getty)

Dating is a minefield at the best of times, but can be an absolute nightmare for those in the City.

Long hours and heavy workloads mean that bankers rarely meet anyone outside of the world of finance, but what is the etiquette around dating in the workplace?

While there aren’t any specific rules on dating coworkers in many institutions, a reformed EY ladies’ man told The Capitalist that, in the spirit of fair play, new romances must be declared at the company when one partner is more senior than the other.

Even when the company doesn’t put on restrictions, some of London’s blue-blooded bankers impose strict rules of their own.

Nana Wereko-Brobby, founder of elite matchmaking service Social Concierge, says that Goldman Sachs’ bankers can be some of her most discerning clients.

“One of my female clients who left the bank will only date other Goldman Sachs workers, or people who’ve worked there. She reckons the people who work at Goldman spend their lives overachieving; they went to Oxford and the Ivy Leagues and they want to meet people as elite as them.”

On the other hand, Barclays’ bachelors aren’t quite so picky. Nana said: “Barclays seem to really love the agency. With a lot of people in finance you often find they want to meet others in completely different industries, like private equity and also law.” Yep, completely different.

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