Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero, Wild Bean Cafe and Pret A Manger compared: Where does your morning coffee cost the most?

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You could spend £15,000 in a lifetime on coffee, according to the research (Source: Getty)

The United Kingdom adores coffee: a cup of java can now be sought out on almost every street in London, and there is no shortage of punters.

That's why coffee enthusiasts can choose from (wait for it): Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero, Wild Bean Cafe, Pret A Manger, and a range of smaller independent coffee shops.

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And less traditional establishments are getting in on the act, with Waitrose, Wetherspoon's and McDonalds all offering coffee.

But how much are you spending on your morning pick-me-up? Buddy Loans, a guarantor loan website, has run the numbers.

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Of course, you can spend as little as £1 a cup in Wetherspoon's, compared to nearly £3 in Starbucks - but it all adds up. The below chart shows just how much you could save in one year, based on where you buy your cup of coffee in the morning:

(Source: Buddy Loans)

The research also found 70m cups of coffee are consumed each day, with the UK racking up a total bill of £730m a year. And it's growing: by 2020 there will be 21,000 coffee shops across the country, compared with 18,000 now.

Or you could always to take that barista training course you've always dreamed of and do it at home....

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