The Volkswagen scandal rolls on: VW recalls nearly 2,000 cars in China

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Volkswagen is recalling almost 2,000 cars in China with the 'defeat device' that allowed the car-maker to cheat emissions tests.

The German car maker said 1,946 Tiguan SUVs and four Passat B6 sedans were affected, and all had been imported from abroad with the device.

Volkswagen's two joint Chinese ventures that produce cars domestically said the software did not affect their cars.

The Chinese government's environment ministry has announced it will be investigating Volkswagen vehicles.

VW released a statement saying: “Under the recall plan, Volkswagen will present the technical solutions and measures to the responsible Chinese authorities within the required timeframes and regulations. We will also keep customers informed over the coming weeks and months.”

The company has operated in China for more than 30 years and “sincerely apologised” to its customers, saying: “We would like to assure that we will do everything humanly possible to win back trust and take care of any concerns.”

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The Californian Air Resources Board (CARB) said on Friday it had given VW a deadline of 20 November to develop the fix and announce a plan to refit the cars affected in the US.

Volkswagen has said 11 million cars worldwide, including five million from its own brand, 2.1 million Audis and 1.2 million Skoda vehicles, have the engine control software installed, which was first reported by the US Environmental Protection Agency in September.

The car giant estimates that 1.2m cars in the UK are affected and today VW's UK managing director Paul Willis will face questions from MPs on the Transport Select Committee on how the company is dealing with the issue.

He is due to give evidence at the Environmental Select Committee later this week.

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