The share price of London-listed Internet of Things company Telit has risen 500 per cent since 2012

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Internet of Things
Telit's shares are up nearly 500 per cent since 2012 (Source: Getty)

If you needed more proof that the Internet of Things is a booming trend among investors, this is it.

Telit communications, a stock listed on London’s junior market, has soared 500 per cent since 2012, Bloomberg reports, as investors are flocked to cash in on the growing sector.

The company’s shares are up 37 per cent this year alone.

Telit provides hardware that allows everyday items like cars, vending machines or even rubbish bins to send and receive data.

The Internet of Things, a catchall phrase describing any device that can connect with the internet and send data back and forth, is hugely trendy - but experts say it’s more than just hype, suggesting the sector is going to generate “hundreds of billions” in revenue growth in coming years. A 2014 report from Raymond James suggested:

The concept of the IoT will disrupt consumer and industrial product markets generating hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenues, serve as a meaningful growth driver for semiconductor, networking equipment, and service provider end markets globally, and will create new application and product end markets that could generate billions of dollars annually.

Telit, founded in Israel in 1986, started out doing research and development for telecoms companies. Listing on Aim in 2005, the company has since expanded into software and data analytics.

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