Royal Bank of Scotland is rebranding (but you may not notice)

Lynsey Barber
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From RBS to rbs
From RBS to rbs (Source: Getty)

What better way for banks to distance themselves from a disastrous decade of bailouts and the Libor scandals than a rebrand.

Now Royal Bank of Scotland, or RBS as we know it on the high street, is taking a big step forward by, er, changing those three letters from upper case to lower case. Literally, "decapitalising", as the Guardian reports.

Much like when Superman dons a pair of glasses to become Clark Kent, the change from RBS to rbs will help the bank, and its customers, forget there was ever any kind of banking crisis.

It's almost as creative as HSBC renaming its UK retail operations HSBC UK.

Along with that, its NatWest brand will become "more prominent", while the investment side of the bank will be called RBS markets (aka rbs markets), according to the report. And while the familiar logo will remain on the high street, it will disappear from corporate branding.

Almost as exciting as the name change itself is what RBS told the Guardian about the rebrand: “We are, and always have been, a bank of brands and as part of our strategy to build a stronger, simpler, fairer bank we are directing our efforts to make each of our customer brands number one in their respective markets.

"Our brands are our interface with our customers and through them we will be able to connect more deeply with customers and rebuild pride in the great things these brands do for our customers. The collective success of our brands is what will make us Britain’s best bank.” Er, quite.

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