Seven Eurosceptic Conservative MPs form a band to compete in Eurovision in protest against the EU

James Nickerson
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Andrea Jenkyns (in blue) ousted Ed Balls at the General Election (Source: Getty)

While the European Union debate will be fought with renewed vigour tomorrow as the "In" campaign gets ready for battle with the "Out" campaign that launched last week, some politicians don't appear satisfied that will be enough to ensure their desired outcome of a Brexit.

Having beaten former shadow chancellor, Andrea Jenkyns will now head up a seven-piece band, hoping to enter the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Jenkyns, who is a professional soprano, said the band would specialise in anti-EU tunes, according to the MailOnline.

Jenkyns said:

We have booked a rehearsal room in the Commons later this month for our first try-out together: at the moment, we can’t even be sure that we will gel together musically. If we do, who knows.

There is a armed forces gala next June which would be a good moment to perform.

The band is expected to be called House of Cerulean and also boasts Jesse Norman on trumpet. James Cartlidge and Mark Garnier. Will Quince and David Warburton.

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The band joked that they would perform "I want to break free" by Queen. Someone might want to tell them to read the rules that maintains songs in Eurovision must be original.

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