Britons more likely to drink than other nations in a range of situations

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Britons are more likely to drink in a range of different situations (Source: Getty)

It's no secret that Britons like a drink, and often don't need any excuse to crack open a beer or sip on a glass of wine, but a new survey shows Britons are the most eager of all nations in the world to have a drink.

A study of 6,500 drinks from countries including UK, US, Germany and Australia showed Britons were most likely to raise a glass, in a range of situations.

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Whether at home, binding or just having a quiet one at the pub, Britons came out on top as those most likely to consume alcohol.

Spokesman Nick Vale said: "We British are a hugely sociable nation, we love to chat, and booze facilitates that." He added:

The pub gives us somewhere to meet and alcohol helps lubricate our conversation'

The study by Maxus, a WPP media agency, which was conducted across six nations, also found that nearly two thirds (62 per cent) agree that consumers tend to stick with their one or two chosen favourite drink brands at all times.

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Some 39 per cent of respondents said they liked to experiment with different alcoholic drinks and mixes, which raises to 51 per cent for those aged under 35.

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