From London property and Tesco to Sports Direct and haunted houses: Here's what got us talking this week

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I ain't afraid of no ghosts

It was a week in which plastic bags suddenly became the big new commodity, Google became free to be evil and somewhere lurking in your neighbourhood, proof of "ghost-free" houses became a thing.

Here's what got us talking

1) We nailed the property conundrum

We don't like to brag but we may have finally found the greatest way to pinpoint the next property hot spots.

The fried chicken guide might sound a bit cuckoo, but we think it's eggstremely plausible. But if that's too flighty for you, why not go by proximity to Night Tube stations or good old-fashioned supply-and-demand.

Whatever you do, if you're plumping for a flat, make sure you get the right one - because Londoners have a love storey with just one floor.

2) Talking Tesco

The struggling supermarket this week released better than expected first-half results - but, as several people pointed out, expectations weren't high.

In fact, the consensus was that Drastic Dave Lewis has not been drastic enough, But they are certainly putting their money where their mouths are.

Still, it was not enough to impress at least one ratings agency, who issued a "must try harder" alert on Friday.

3) Sports Direct wasn't very sporting

That has to be the only conclusion from the news that USC staff had won a legal battle for redundancy payment after the handling of the retail chain's administration in January.

This was followed just hours later by the revelation that Sports Direct chief executive Dave Forsey had been slapped with a criminal charge for the handling of these redundancies.

4) We weren't surprised, just disappointed

As was everyone who uses London Bridge, because we learned it was the UK's least-favourite train station.

5) Brexit campaign is go

Cameron might still be hoping to negotiate EU reforms, but this was the week Vote Leave really got going - and not without the support of some big hitters from the City.

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