Google bought the most ridiculous domain name URL for Alphabet

Lynsey Barber
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Anyone trying to out-wit Google can give up.

When the tech company changed its name to Alphabet, many people took a guess at the URLs that it may have forgotten to register in a bid to buy it first, all in the hopes Google would then pay a pretty penny to get its hands on it.

After all, it doesn't own (that belongs to BMW and the car maker doesn't plan on relinquishing it anytime soon), or (that's a US media company).

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It went with instead, apparently sparking a flurry of interest in the domains ending with .xyz.

Now Google/Alphabet appears to be having the last laugh by registering what is perhaps the most ridiculous domain name possible - and one that not a single person would probably even have considered buying up:

Spotted by, the URL has in fact been owned by someone since before Google became Alphabet - since 1999 in fact - meaning they likely landed some cash for it... albeit after a lengthy wait.