The best reactions to David Cameron's Conservative party conference speech

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Cameron said Murphy has 64 views on tax, and they are all wrong (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister David Cameron took to the podium today to give his speech at the annual Conservative party conference, promising an "assault on poverty", pledging 200,000 new starter homes and attacking Jeremy Corbyn (and Richard Murphy, the man behind Corbyn's economic policy).

And Twitter has been going mad with responses, both in praise and condemnation.

Here are the nation's best responses to Cameron's first conference speech since he won a majority Conservative government....

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Remember when Cameron faced Corbyn in PMQs and agreed to a new, kinder politics?

Well, it seems some people don’t believe he really meant that commitment, especially after his allegation that Corbyn felt Osama Bin-Laden's death was a tragedy:

But some saw it another way:

Another group of people interpreted the speech in an entirely different way:

Though, that may just have been one man:

Meanwhile, some just felt a bit nauseous:

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