How to find out if your Volkswagen car is affected by the emissions cheating scandal: VW creates dedicated web page for car owners

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VW said 8m cars in the EU alone had been fitted with a device to cheat emissions tests (Source: Getty)

Having announced plans to begin recalling cars involved in the emissions scandal at the beginning of 2016, including 1.2m in the UK, Volkswagen has set up a dedicated website to allow customers to check if their car was rigged with its emissions cheating device.

Customers must enter their vehicle identification number (VIN) and the website will tell consumers if their car was affected.

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The same process has been set up for Audi, Seat and Skoda.

Last month it was revealed VW had fitted an estimated 11m vehicles around the world with a device that allowed cars to cheat in emissions tests.

An estimated 8m cars in the European Union alone were fitted with the device.

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The car giant has said more than 508,000 VW passenger cars sold in the UK carried the device; nearly 400,000 Audi vehicles, 132,000 Skodas and 77,000 Seats are also affected. A further 80,000 commercial vehicles are also on the list.

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