Renault might lose some of its stake in Nissan

Sarah Spickernell
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The two companies entered into the alliance 16 years ago (Source: Getty)
Renault could be about to lose some of its stake in Nissan, according to the Nikkei business daily.
The French and Japanese car manufacturers have been joined in an alliance since 1999, under which Renault owns 43.4 per cent of Nissan and Nissan owns 15 per cent of Renault.
The aim of the partnership is to ensure they have similar interests and therefore encourage them to use business strategies that will benefit both.
But the two companies are reportedly entering talks to re-set their capital alliance structure, with a view to reducing Renault's ownership of Nissan down to below 40 per cent.
This would allow Nissan's stake in Renault to carry voting rights, according to French law. It would also help reduce Paris's dominance over the alliance.
Earlier this year, the French government boosted its voting rights in Renault by raising its stake in the company from 15 per cent to 19.7 per cent. Nissan and Renault both objected, saying it could be damaging to the companies.

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