EU migrant crisis: Eurotunnel services resume following migrant “attack”

Sarah Spickernell
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None of the migrants managed to cross into the UK (Source: Getty)
Eurotunnel services have started running again after being closed overnight due to a “well-organised attack” by migrants.
In a statement this morning, the company said the service had started operating at 8.30am with “some timetable disruption”. Travellers can expect delays of around 30 minutes at each end of the terminal.
We anticipate to be able to operate a normal service very soon and customers are now advised to check-in as normal.
The service was suspended after a group of 200 migrants tried to break into the terminal on the French side at around 12.30am local time.
A spokesperson for Eurotunnel told City A.M. the security staff were “overwhelmed” by the event, with 100 migrants managing to push into the tunnel. He said a number of Eurotunnel security staff and two police officers were injured during the attack.
Three were taken to hospital – two police officers and one member of security staff. Several others suffered minor injuries but didn’t need to go to A&E.
This was a violent and well-organised attack. There was more behind it than the usual attempts by migrants to make the crossing.
After entering the tunnel and rounding up the migrants, police delivered them back to the camp on the French side.
Nobody managed to cross into the​ UK but it took a very long time to round them up and take them away.

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