It's official: Google is now Alphabet as restructuring process comes to an end

Sarah Spickernell
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Alphabet is the holding company of Google (Source: Getty)
Google's transition to Alphabet is now complete, the company confirmed last night.
In a statement posted on its investor relations site, it said the restructuring process was due to be finished by the end of the day, and that on Monday Google shares will be traded under Alphabet for the first time.
Google anticipates that shares of Google Class C Capital Stock and shares of Google Class A Common Stock will begin trading as Alphabet Class C Capital Stock and Alphabet Class A Common Stock, respectively, on the Nasdaq Global Select Market on 5 October 2015.
The completion follows an announcement made by co-founder Larry Page in August, which detailed the breakup of the organisation into a number of subsidiaries under the Alphabet holding company.
From an investor point of view this won't change much in the immediate term – the stock will still trade under the ticker symbols GOOG and GOOGL, and shareholder rights won't be altered.
The change will come in the form of the corporate name on the shares themselves, which from Monday onwards will be Alphabet Class A Common Stock and Alphabet Class C Common Stock.
The board members will not be altered following the restructure, and Sundar Pichai will continue to oversee daily operations at the Google subsidiary, which now include Android, search, YouTube, apps, maps and ads.
The broader company Alphabet will be able to focus its efforts on areas such as Calico and life sciences, Google Ventures and Google Capital and Google X.

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