Football Association reaffirm backing for Michel Platini's Fifa president bid despite corruption probe

Frank Dalleres
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FA reaffirms its Platini backing (Source: Getty)
Football Association chiefs have reiterated their support for European boss Michel Platini’s bid to become Fifa president despite him becoming embroiled in a corruption probe.

Uefa president Platini faces questions over a £1.3m payment to him in 2011 from Sepp Blatter, the man he hopes to succeed as head of the world governing body next year.

The FA said a Swiss investigation had “raised a number of issues which need to be fully examined”. But it said: “In July, the FA board decided unanimously to support Michel Platini if he intended to stand for the presidency of Fifa.

“We did so because we thought he was an excellent president of Uefa and could bring those same leadership qualities to Fifa. We are still of that view.”

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