Burger King has brought out a black Whopper for Halloween

Edith Hancock
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Horrifying... Burger King's black Whopper (Source: Burger King) (Source: Getty)

Fresh from its failed Peace Day experiment (but we're still hopeful something will come out of that) Burger King is getting into the Halloween spirit with a scary black burger bun for its terrifyingly themed Whopper.

Unappetising, maybe. But Burger King has promised that while it may look scary, the burger will still be tasty, with a "subtle barbecue flavour" infused in the dough.

The novelty item is being brought to the west after the success of the company’s black and red burgers in Japan.

Burger King’s northern Europe managing director Matthew Bresnahan said: “The introduction of the black burger in Japan created a lot of excitement for Burger King fans. Many people in the UK are interested in trying the burger”

“We love creating new and innovative experiences for our guests and we felt that Halloween was the perfect occasion to satisfy this demand!”

However people on Twitter were decidedly less impressed with the experimental dish.


The black Whopper is availablke now until 31 October, with a price tag of £4.29, making it slightly more expensive than your average Whopper. which retails at £3.89. Perhaps that's the most terrifying part of all.

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