Brokers can be sweary, but bankers have a lot to lose on social media

Edith Hancock
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Brokers can channel their inner Jordan Belfort if they like (Source: Getty)
Social media is a minefield in the City. A recent study has shown that recruiters will look through everything on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – from political opinions to topless selfies.
But according to London’s recruiters, brokers can get away with a lot more than the rest of the financial district.
Financial recruiters Astbury Marsden told The Capitalist that ever since the credit crunch, bankers should be treading on eggshells. One well-known American investment bank has recently come down hard on its staff’s social media.
The bank sent an email to employees earlier this year warning of the dangers of oversharing, causing many of the firm’s bankers to delete their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts altogether.
An Astbury Marsden spokes­person said: “We had one senior banker applying for an investment role where his profile picture on Twitter was a topless selfie, sticking out his tongue. The role he was going for paid nearly £200,000pa. Needless to say we told him to get rid of it.”
Meanwhile, bro­k­ers are having all the fun. Regular readers may be familiar with a young broker in Canary Wharf we’ve called Mr S, who has a passion for crude tweets. One gem from last week featured his attitude to little old ladies on the Tube. Having offered his seat to three already, Mr S had had enough: “Next one I’m going to tell to p**s off.” Charming.
According to a survey from recruitment technology firm Jobvite, vulgarity, selfies and conspicuous alcohol consumption are all big red flags for anyone wanting to work in finance, but Mr S and many other brokers have no problem sharing photos from their last night out.
Astbury Marsden told The Capitalist that it’s a case of boys-will-be-boys. “There is already the perception that brokers are more aggressive. They have to have a certain amount of grit so it’s almost expected from them.” Mr S lives to swear at old ladies another day.


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