BHP Billiton: Our earnings will double in the next 15 years, no matter what climate change measures are put in place

Sarah Spickernell
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The mining company is the world's largest by market capitalisation (Source: Getty)

BHP Billiton is optimistic about the future, no matter what climate change prevention strategies governments put in place over the next 15 years.

In its climate change portfolio analysis released today, the coal mining company, which is the world's largest by market capitalisation, said it expects its gross earnings to double by 2030 under all circumstances.

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The Anglo-American firm argued that even if demand for coal declines, which will bring down profits, there will be a gap for other commodities to grow. It quotes uranium for nuclear power as an example.

BHP added that even under the most extreme circumstances this target would be reached, such as all governments imposing a rule to keep the average temperature increase at less than two degrees celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.

Dean Dalla Valle, chief executive of the company, said:

As global decision makers prepare to gather in Paris in late 2015, we strongly support efforts to reach an agreement consistent with achieving the 2°C goal. Industry and governments must continue to work together to achieve this outcome.

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