Total supermoon lunar eclipse 2015 in pictures: Rare super blood moon rises around the world

Clara Guibourg
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Amateur astronomers around the world had cause to cheer overnight, as a “super blood moon” made a rare appearance in the night skies early on Monday morning.

The astronomical phenomenon occurs when a total lunar eclipse coincides with a supermoon as some sunlight still illuminates the moon, causing it to turn red as it passes through the shadow of the earth. Although it occurred at 3.48am, the blood moon is definitely rare enough to be worth getting up for: The last supermoon eclipse was in 1982, and we won’t see another until 2033.

If you did miss the astronomical show, don’t worry. We’ve captured the supermoon in pictures from around the world below.

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Chiswick, London

Washington, D.C.

Las Vegas

Central London


Rio de Janeiro

The stages of the supermoon eclipse, captured in Bogotá

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