UKIP conference: Nigel Farage's priority is leaving the European Union and not the party as he says Ukip will work with anybody for Brexit

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Farage is in the midst of a UK wide tour to promote the benefits of leaving the EU (Source: Getty)

The UK Independence Party's annual conference is to start today, with leader Nigel Farage telling grass roots supporters the priority is to leave the European Union, and not the party, as he announced Ukip will work with anyone to bring about Brexit.

Farage is to say that he is not deserting the party, but "winning the referendum is absolutely key and that's where our energies must go", at the conference in Doncaster.

"Ukip is committed to leaving the EU, and we have always said that we would work with anybody who shared the same aim," Farage will add.

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Farage, who said he now believes the chances of the UK leaving the EU is 50/50, will not lead the out campaign, but has launched a tour to push his message of the problems associated with the EU.

The “Say No to the EU referendum tour” will put forward arguments as to why British people should vote to leave the European Union, hitting destinations across the UK.

It has also been announced that Ukip will join forces with "The Know" group, run by Ukip donor Arron Banks. It is expected they will create a new group called "Leave.EU".

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Banks confirmed that the campaign had been in talks with business groups and trade unions to get them on side, as well as having had lunch with Lynton Crosby, the man who organised David Cameron's campaign at the General Election, to attempt to get him to add his weight to the out campaign.

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The Ukip conference kicks off on the same day the British Chambers of Commerce announced the business vote on whether the UK remains a member of the EUis still "up for grabs".

At the General Election Ukip came third in terms of popular vote, claiming 13 per cent, but only garnered one seat.

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