The five best countries for a fulfilling expat career: Go to Russia finds HSBC Expat Explorer Survey

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Russian expats are advised to learn the local language (Source: Getty)

Russia has topped a new ranking of countries which are able to offer expats a role that's more fulfilling than their previous one.

The annual HSBC Expat Explorer survey found six in 10 expats living in Russia said that they were now getting more out of their jobs.

"Learning the local language is key to successfully integrating in Russia," the report said.

"Over seven in 10 expats in the country are learning and using Russian during their time there, compared with 55 per cent of expats globally who are learning their new local language."

Four countries in South East Asia made up the rest of the top five. More than half of expats living in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and mainland China also said that they'd found their work to be more fulfilling since relocating.

Top destinations for fulfilling expat careers

  1. Russia
  2. Philippines
  3. Malaysia
  4. Indonesia
  5. China

But this was markedly different from the overall ranking which looks at careers, financial wellbeing, quality of life and ease of settling for partners and children.

Here Singapore came first, followed by New Zealand and then Sweden.

Top countries for expats overall:

  1. Singapore
  2. New Zealand
  3. Sweden
  4. Bahrain
  5. Germany
  6. Canada
  7. Australia
  8. Taiwan
  9. UAE
  10. Switzerland

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