Naked protester at Debenhams' Croydon complains there's "nothing on the telly", prompts brilliant response from PR team

Catherine Neilan
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We hate all the repeats too (Source: Getty)

A protester wearing nothing but a thong, a sash describing herself as the "world's grumpiest old woman" and a strategically-placed wig glued herself to the outside of a window at Debenhams' Croydon store today.

She was not protesting against Debenhams itself - just the fact there was "nothing on the telly", according to eyewitnesses.

Police were called to reports of a protest at 12:40pm today, but did not intervene.

The story gets better: Debenhams has issued a statement confirming the incident did take place.

"It is great to hear that customers like our window displays so much that they would like to be part of it," the team said. "We can confirm that she will not be a permanent fixture."

PR professionals take note: should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, that is how to respond.

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