Watch: Drivers in Berkshire involved in 35-minute stand-off

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Fellow road users plead with the drivers to move (Source:

We've all been there: driving on a narrow street, you come bumper-to-bumper with another driver and neither of you wants to move.

The stand-off usually lasts for around 30 seconds before you get on with your day, right?

Try 35 minutes. In the remarkable video below, two drivers near Bray/Maidenhead in Berkshire refuse to budge when they come face-to-face with each other under a bridge for over half an hour, despite the desperate pleas of fellow travellers.

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Even at the start of the video - 10 minutes into the stand-off - a woman in a blue Mercedes point-blank is being labelled "pathetic" and told to "grow up" by other incensed drivers after refusing to budge even when it appears the man in the car opposite is struggling with reversing out of the way.

Warning: the below video contains strong language.

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