How much are employees really worth to their companies? Apple, Google, and Microsoft show tech companies have highest revenue per employee

Clara Guibourg
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Tech companies make up half of the top ten (Source: Getty)

How much are employees really worth? And how much would every person in a company get paid if they earned their value?

Shell’s workforce would consist of 94,000 multi millionaires, according to a study by Expert Market, and every Apple employee would get paid just over £1m.

The value of employees at the world’s top 100 companies by revenue was calculated by breaking down the revenue by the number of employees.

Together, these companies employ just over 20m people around the world, and if company revenue was evenly distributed amongst employees, each one would get an average of £875,000.

The tech sector has the most valuable employees, according to this study, as half of the top ten companies come from this sector. Alongside Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Samsung also made the top ten.

If all the companies ranked chose to rearrange salaries thus, it would also put 1.1m more millionaires on the planet.

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