Wednesday is the day when we're glummest on Twitter - and work week happiness peaks on a Friday

Clara Guibourg
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Don't worry, it's almost Friday again (Source: Getty)

Feeling blue today? Wednesday is when we’re feeling most negative, according to analysis of emotions expressed on social media.

But don't worry, we'll soon perk right back up again. Work week happiness peaks on a Friday, you’ll be unsurprised to hear - but it can’t come close to the joy we feel when the weekend hits.

It turns out our tweets reveal more than you might think about our emotions, according to social intelligence platform Brandwatch, which analysed Twitter data expressing positive or negative emotions about our days.

You might have expected Mondays to be the glummest day of the week, but as it turns out, Wednesdays and Thursdays are when our moods collectively dip lowest. Getting antsy for the weekend to arrive, perhaps?

Brandwatch also compared topics like “friends”, “work” and “money” to see what makes us express most happiness. Talking about friends or family makes us express twice as much happiness as when we talk about work.

Money is a bit of a funny one, though.

Comparing day-to-day happiness with more long-term satisfaction reveals that in the short term, money brings us almost as much happiness as our loved ones (at least that’s what we say about it on Twitter).

In the long term, though, the satisfaction we feel with money crashes lower even than the happiness we express with work.

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