City old-boys rock band split had nothing do to with PwC says bassist

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Is PwC the new Yoko Ono? (Source: Getty)
Former City rock star and PwC advisor Andrew Sentance has denied claims that the accountancy giant came between him and his work with group Rock In The City.

Sentance split from Rock In The City, a group of senior financiers singing all about the daily lives of the Square Mile’s economists, earlier this month.

The Capitalist understands that record sales may not be on par with the Beatles, but musician and MBA tutor Peter Cook claims that the PwC adviser’s work commitments may have played Yoko Ono to their quintet.

Cook, who described a track Sentance himself had written on their new EP as taking inspiration from rock artist Neil Young, claimed that his return to the City after the summer holidays made separating results from recording time hard: “I think PwC were putting on the pressure; trying to get him to stop writing rock music and get back to work.”

However, former bassist Sentance denied that the firm had come between him and his musical career.

The former MPC hawk insisted that his retirement from rock was “strictly personal” and “not to do with PwC”.

Still, there’s no hard feelings here. Cook added: “It would be nice to have

Andrew make a guest appearance with us again. We hope he does.” Awh.

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