Apple rickrolls us all through the Apple Watch... again

Lynsey Barber
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Apple fools us again with Rick Astley (Source: Getty)

If you thought the folk at Apple were a serious po-faced bunch, think again - they're rickrolling everyone... and not for the first time.

Rickrolling, if you're not familiar, is an internet phenomenon whereby people share a link to something - an article, video, picture, for example - but it turns out, in fact, to be a video of Rick Astley's 1980s classic "Never Gonna Give You Up" (You Know The One).

Let's not get caught up in the weird how and why of it, but it was big in 2007.

Now Apple has quietly sprung its own nod to the rickroll on us - through its Apple Watch.

Just take a very close look at the picture of the watch face on this part of the Apple website

Add Friend screen

It's not the first time Apple has hidden secret rickrolls for hawkeyed fans to find.

There was the Wikipedia article about the song offered up by Siri when asked "what is today going to be like" and hidden in some developer code was a link to the very video in question.

Well done Apple, but - as much as everyone loves a throwback to the '80s - perhaps it's time to give up this particular internet meme and go with something a little more modern.

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