How much are David and Victoria Beckham worth? The entire clan has been valued at nearly half a billion pounds

Edith Hancock
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As the Beckham family make waves across the global fashion and sports industries, experts estimate that the value of brand Beckham is now at almost half a billion.

According to research by the London School of Marketing (LSM), the six members of the Beckham clan; David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper generate £30m to £40m between them each year.

The Beckham’s marketing power resides in the family’s three main corporate vehicles; Footworks, where David’s football related revenues are collated, the Beckham label, for all their endorsements, and Beckham Venture, for Victoria’s fashion business.

Current estimates put the value for Footworks at £150m, the Beckham name at £70m and Beckham Ventures at £60m. This combined with non-business assets of an estimated £190m puts the family name at a total value of £470m.

But it’s not just mum & dad bringing home the bacon. Last year Romeo Beckham fronted the Christmas advertising campaign for fashion powerhouse Burberry - and it's claimed that he helped boost their sales by 14 per cent.

As well as this, the football star’s youngest sister Joanne Beckham struck out by herself this year to launch luxury concierge service We Are Your City.

LSM's chief marketing officer Anton Dominique said this showed the power of brand Beckham

“The family name is almost as influential as any individual family member," he said. "The Beckham name has the Midas touch when it comes to advertising - even the mere mention of their name associated with a brand is a small news event in itself.”