Britons' telecoms consumer complaints revealed: Vodafone's mobile prices and EE's broadband most criticised

Clara Guibourg
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Complaints about how complaints are handled are among the most common (Source: Getty)

Vodafone is the most complained-about mobile operator, new figures from industry regulator Ofcom show.

More than one in every 7,500 customers had complaints about the UK’s third-biggest operator. Most, 34 per cent, saw red over the prices, but ironically, the second-biggest reason for complaining was how the operator handled complaints.

Britons’ consumer complaints have been revealed by Ofcom’s quarterly data, as the regulator compiles complaints made against the 13 biggest providers of telecoms services.

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Complaints about Talk Mobile, Virgin and EE also soared above the industry average, but overall, complaints have gone down since the previous quarter.

Claudio Pollack, director of Ofcom’s content and consumer group, said it was “encouraging” that complaints had continued to go down, but added this would not be sufficient:

There is still room for improvement. We expect providers to make customer service and complaints handling top priorities.

Tesco Mobile took home the crown as the least complained about operator.

Ofcom also compared complaints for landline and broadband, and for both, EE was the most complained about operator. Over one in 2,500 customers had cause to complain about the company’s broadband services - although this is still a reduction from last year.

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