Needing the loo makes you a better liar

Lynsey Barber
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Shhhhh... there's one secret to a convincing deception (Source: Getty)

If you've ever needed a simple trick to make your fibbing a little more convincing, scientists have found an answer.

We've already learned that little white lies can make you a better negotiator, now you just need to drink up, wait a little while, then start the spiel, as researchers say needing the loo makes you a better at it.

The new study found people were able to spot a lie being told in only 30 per cent of cases when someone needed the loo, compared to 70 per cent of the time when they didn't.

The strange explanation? What's known as the inhibitory spillover effect, PopSci explains.

If you're focused on controlling yourself in one area - needing the toilet in this case - you are more easily able to do the same on another task - in this case lying.

The same effect has also been found to increase willpower and make you more decisive.

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