Rugby World Cup 2015: England, Australia and Japan give front-runners New Zealand a run for their money when it comes to house prices

Lynsey Barber
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New Zealand may be the front-runners to triumph in the Rugby World Cup, but when it comes to property prices, it's neighbours Australia who are standing ahead at the touchline.

Comparing the average house price of each of the 20 nations competing in the tournament, it's the second-placed team in the world rugby rankings who come out top, with the average pad down under commanding a price of just under a quarter of a million pounds (£234,531).

Japan, 13th in the world for its rugby skills (though, after Saturday's triumph over South Africa, that's surely soon to change), comes in a close second, with houses going for £231,650, according to data collected by the CBRE.

Rounding out the top of the property world cup ranking is England - fourth in the world but third with average prices coming in at £195,400 - while favourites New Zealand are pushed to fourth when it comes to house prices, priced at £192,308

Here's how the cost of the average house of each nation in the Rugby World Cup stacks up.

AUS=Australia; JPN=Japan; ENG=England; NZ=New Zealand; CAN=Canada; FJI=Fiji; SCO=Scotland; WAL=Wales; IRE= Ireland; ITA=Italy; USA=United States; SAM=Samoa; ARG=Argentina; URU=Uruguay; FRA=France; TGA=Tonga; RSA= South Africa; GEO=Georgia; NAM=Namibia; ROM=Romania.

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