Apple wins patent ruling against Samsung which could put Galaxy devices' slide-to-unlock and autocorrect at risk

Clara Guibourg
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Apple argues that Samsung's Galaxy phones stole features from the iPhone (Source: Getty)

Apple just won another victory in its patent war against rival Samsung, which could force the Korean tech giant to stop using certain features in its devices.

The row between the world-leading smartphone manufacturers stems from the slide-to-unlock feature, quicklinks and autocorrect. Apple argues that Samsung stole these features, and the courts have once again agreed.

The latest ruling is quite a win for Apple: If it stands, it will mean Samsung and other manufacturers could be blocked from even using these features in any devices.

Today’s ruling is only the latest skirmish in a never-ending patent war between the two tech giants, and Apple has won all but a few court appeals.

The company has previously been awarded monetary damages for copyright infringement, but continues to push for a full victory.

Don’t expect this - or anytime soon - to be the end of the story, however. Samsung will be appealing, and the patent war will drag on.

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