Fed rate hike: "I'll eat The Economist if US interest rates rise," wagers Radio DJ Ed Mitchell

Edith Hancock
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Will Fed chair Janet Yellen raise interest rates today? (Source: Getty)

Share Radio broadcaster and former BBC business journo Ed Mitchell was big news last year when he successfully returned from the brink of an addiction to drink and gambling.

Despite being a new man now, he has just made another wager – he’s promising to eat a copy of The Economist, page by page, live on air tomorrow if the US Federal Reserve puts interest rates up.

Mitchell said the idea came to him during his magazine review show: “It just struck me that it would be so absurd to raise interest rates. There’s absolutely no reason to.”

The radio man told The Capitalist that the magazine appealed be­cause it’ll go down smoother than “eating my hat, but I’d have an easier job of eating City A.M.’s front page - it’s a much lighter read!”

Go on then.

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